Step 1

Pick olives by

While most vodkas are made from just grain, Kástra Elión is distilled from the finest hand-picked Greek Olives from the Nafpaktos region and premium grains curated and blended for the perfect balanced flavor – a process inspired by Greece and the Mediterranean.

Step 2

Blend with

We then select only premium grains to blend with our olives for the perfect balance before distilling in our copper handmade still. Our Master Blender, and father, Frank Mihalopoulos meticulously tailors each batch until it meets the perfect blend – full bodied, refined with a subtle salinity and a smooth buttery finish that stands alone.

Step 3

Mix with

Once distilled we mix in our mineral-rich spring water from the Crystalline Rock in Mount Taygetus. This allows the vodka to breathe, opening up an intoxicating complexity and aroma.

Step 4

it up!

Finally, it undergoes a special 30-day resting process. This allows further smoothing of the notes prior to bottling in our signature white bottles that embrace the Greek history and essence of what our family grew up loving.

Ready to Opa!